Subsequently, Carl expected having Rick, Negan try tending the landscapes inside Alexandria when Judith treks up to your

“Brand new Forgotten and the Plunderers”

Negan recounts so you’re able to Simon the situation one unfurled in the Alexandria, amazed with Carl’s work to help the new owners. The guy inquires Simon of his management of the latest take a trip Hilltop residents, Simon records the situation is actually compensated and you may asks on the Gavin’s class, out of just who neither of these know. Negan seating Simon and employment your that have dealing with Scavengers. Initial happier at the thought out of wiping aside the traitors, Simon is power down because of the Negan, exactly who reminds him one to even after betraying her or him, he or she is nonetheless an important investment. He sales Simon to only supply the standard “destroy that, free the rest” message, as an indication one its prior to alliance try a great deal made final.

Simon argues one the procedures are not working, for the reason that Alexandria, the new Hilltop, new Kingdom and also the Scavengers do not seem to see just how serious the fresh new Saviors try. To this end, the guy implies it cut the loss and acquire almost every other groups who manage sign-up the trigger rather than bring Rick’s individuals entry. Negan, not happy towards the idea, retorts you to definitely when you find yourself its newest steps confirm difficult, he or she is still active. He affirms his faith that when Rick was discarded, anyone will slip back to line.

Until the talk is also continue, Gary and two most other Saviors carry in the a massive cage, the same container Maggie questioned from Simon adopting the its run into into the trail, and place it on the table. Negan and Simon unlock the package to reveal an effective zombified Dean, who is easily set-out. Mad, Simon realizes that the rest 38 Saviors stated on the cage protection are the ones stationed within Satellite Outpost. The guy flies into a rage and you will vows to quit brand new Hilltop Nest, but Negan angrily closes him down, and you will tells your to accomplish his employment, making your hushed.

Just after Simon works together with this new Scavengers and you can back once again to the fresh Sanctuary, Simon and you may Negan discuss the fact that Gavin provides nevertheless not reported straight back, both unaware that he’s inactive. On the Negan’s query of Scavengers, Simon records you to his goal is a success, sleeping that he brought the product quality message and you will including you to definitely “there is guilt”. Negan is known as by the D.J., advising him one to Rick try calling regarding a walkie talkie.

Hearing his sound on the other avoid, Rick reports Carl’s demise, far to help you Negan’s apparent wonder and grief. He shows the new belongings in the characters, Carl wishes towards the both of them to get rid of the war and also make serenity. Rick, yet not, believes one to comfort is now impossible to get to. Negan requires if the Carl’s death are of your own Saviors’ performing, however, Rick angrily rejects this, detailing he passed away trying to let somebody. Negan suggests their sincere guilt, expressing you to Carl illustrated their future, but also iterates one Carl’s passing is actually because the Rick, in the top the fresh new revolt contrary to the Saviors, wasn’t present to continue Carl safe from doing something you to perform provide injury to themselves.

Negan condemns Rick’s conclusion and you will claims he avoid the conflict, lest the guy reduce more of their friends and then have so you can accept the fact it died attacking a losing race. The guy shows you that all of his losses might have been eliminated got the guy merely submitted. Negan deems Rick faltering while the each other a frontrunner and you will an effective dad and you will implores your to quit, seeing that the war has actually brought about him to shed more they have gained.

“Dry or Alive Otherwise”

Negan talks to Eugene, disturb you to definitely Eugene’s operate have not totally treated the issues on hand which Gabriel and you will Carson has actually in some way fled undetected, unaware one Eugene is actually responsible. Negan affirms to that particular just after Carson and you can Gabriel is stuck and you will cut back to your Retreat, he’ll find out more about the activities. A nervous Eugene inquires regarding the events one to happened during the free pet chat Alexandria, Negan questions his inquiry, inquiring when the the guy cares despite Alexandria’s procedures up against your because the his defection.